Both dashboards and reports are crucial tools for business intelligence, with reports being tailored to stakeholders who need more detail and are well suited for common use cases such as financial roll-up, project assessment and operational analysis.

Datannovate helps you develop solutions to easily share data with key stakeholders in an easily digestible form so they can make data driven decisions that drive growth. Choose from popular document formats that integrate data from multiple sources presented in a clear and easy to understand manner.


Audience Centric
We collaborate with you to identify the expectations and visualisation styles that best fit the needs of your target audiences, whilst ensuring the appropriate method of delivery and inclusion of the most relevant KPIs.

Ease of Use
We ensure that our solutions enable anyone to analyse data and drive your business forward, leveraging intuitive drag-and-drop technologies to empower your employees.

Improving Operational Efficiencies
With a comprehensive review of your existing processes, we implement solutions that reduce the time spent on lengthy, manual, low value activities such as creating reports to allow your employees to spend more time completing high value work.