Backup And Archive

Not only are organisations facing exponential growth of data assets, but thanks to innovations in analytical capability the value of data is also growing. Loss of data is more costly and regulatory compliance requires longer retention periods. The cloud can be leveraged to satisfy these demands whilst avoiding the expenses associated with traditional storage infrastructure.

Datannovate helps you protect your data and applications to avoid costly business interruptions and meet compliance requirements. We help you achieve enhanced data durability, faster retrieval times, better security and compliance, and greater data accessibility for advanced analytics and business intelligence.


Business Continuity
We ensure continuous data protection so that you can recover from anything. With agile data protection solutions, we help you save time, resources and costs associated with IT failures and ensure optimum service levels with minimal disruption to your end users and business.

Scalable & Cost Effective
We leverage modern technology to help store large volumes of data in the most cost effective manner to meet your backup and archiving needs.

Business Outcome Orientated
We make sure to get to know your business and critical workloads to design the solution that protects your data and delivers value to your business.