Data Migration

Today, with ever-growing amounts of data there is an increasing need for a scalable and more cost-effective storage environment. Migration of data to the cloud offers you to create impactful analytics solutions that can fulfill the demands of better customer experience with a faster time to market.

With more data in more formats accumulating every day, moving that data can prove a challenge. Partnering with Datannovate for your cloud migration can accelerate your journey, minimise downtime and ensure deepened security. Leveraging our deep expertise, we assess use cases, types of data and network resources available to execute best practice migration without data loss or corruption.


Proven Approach
Incremental and POC solutions to demonstrate the transformational impact of cloud migration and help your team adjust to new ways of working, approaches and architectures to ensure stability and success.

With our extensive list of security partner solutions, we ensure your data is fully encrypted and secure before, during and after migration.

Minimal downtime and disruption
We plan a solution that fits around your workflows and business processes ensuring minimal downtime. In addition, we help you integrate existing authentication systems and provide DNS routing so nothing changes for your customers and partners or their applications.