Hybrid And Multi Cloud

To meet the needs of your business, you can easily tap into multiple cloud platforms whilst maintaining your on-premise solutions to access innovative services, reduce risk and become more agile.

At Datannovate, we leverage our expertise in multiple cloud providers and on-premise integration to design and implement a single, flexible, cost-optimal IT infrastructure. We also help you overcome the difficulties involved with discovering, monitoring and managing multiple clouds to increase efficiencies and accelerate your business.


Seamless integration
With years of experience and close partnerships with integration technology providers we ensure that you gain the benefits of a single, unified system from multiple cloud and on-premise environments.

Reduced Costs
We help you effectively manage costs and resource allocation across multiple cloud and on-premise environments to maintain control and limit resource wastage.

Secure & Compliant
Leveraging our extensive security partner network, we can offer a comprehensive, single-view solution to protect your data, manage access and ensure compliance. We protect your data in-transit and at rest, across on-premise and cloud environments.